12 November 2005

At about ten minutes past eleven this evening I was walking down Enfield toward Lamar and Austin Java to retrieve my bike. I had left it there in order to drive my somewhat inebriated friend back to her house (she then wanted to walk me back to Java, which I dismissed since she had spent the better part of the drive telling me that she hated me, ostensibly, for being nice to her) and so there I was. I got to the spot where Enfield forks and becomes a mystical half-Enfield, half-Fifteenth Street (sort of like the Green Goblin/Spider-Man's friend's dad) when, as I was crossing to take the Enfield route, a guy (UT shirt and all) in an SUV made the EXACT same noise I had been making to my friend's cat not ten minutes before.

Now, this could be me, but if you are a guy and you want to attract a girl to you, you do not call her the same way you would a cat, which, in this case, was by making little kissy noises. I resisted the urge to give him the finger and went on my way. I got my bike and began making my way back toward South Austin. At Sixth, I was met with two shirtless boys who might have been...thirteen. Now, when I was thirteen, I couldn't get boys to look at me twice. Now I am pushing twenty-two and pubescent boys think I'm hot stuff. These particular boys were on very small bikes and kept trying to talk to me and tell me I was hot. They probably just figured I'd buy them beer.

Coming upon the Fifth Street light, I had an important decision to make. Shall I cross to the east side of Lamar and go down to Sandra Muraida and across the pedestrian bridge, or shall I be lazy and take the scary "emergency only" sidewalk on the Lamar bridge? Naturally, you know already that I took the scary sidewalk because otherwise there would be no point in writing about it. My reasons are thus: it was late, I was (and still am, actually) hungry, and I was lazy. So I did, and every car that passed me did so in the near lane, and then AFTER passing me moved into the far lane. Of course.

The rest of my trip home passed fairly unevenfully. I have no other words. I have no more words in my NaNoWriMo novel. But it was overall a good evening. I'm going inside now, to fix my food deficit.


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