16 November 2005

The Weather Wins.

It's fifty-seven degrees out there today. So much for the nice, mild weather. The wind is blowing out of the north, and sadly, every single one of my destinations for today is...North.

Seattle's Best? North.

Austin Java? North.

At least when I go home, the wind will be at my back. But it belatedly occurs to me that I should have worn sneakers rather than flip flops because I cannot feel my toes at this time. So I am sitting in yet another yuppie establishment of which I am not terribly fond, waiting for my tutoring gig to figure out how to write a paper. Well, actually, I'm showing her, but right now she's listing things to support her thesis and coming up with statements to support them. Hopefully, this will work out for her, because I have a write-in in a non-yuppie place at seven.

Last night was scary. Borders. The mere mention of the name makes me shudder in horror. Giant mega corporation evilness...and no free internet. The independent businesses, hell, even Seattle's Best has free internet. But not the Fortune Five Hundred companies! Can't have that! So I'm sitting there, waiting for one helenathemuse to show up, on this poufy couch, feeling utterly awkward. It's quiet. The other NaNos are writing. It's nothing like the other write-ins which I have attended. We are always raucous and laughing and drinking. None of that here. I decide to leave and I am walking to my car when behold! the car of helenathemuse! Saved! And so we go back into the bookstore-which-must-not-be-named to type happily away...or rather, she agonises over whether Botticelli is gonna do it with this girl, and I play solitaire.

All in all, a productive evening.


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