19 July 2007

Trip Blog. Day Two and a Half.

0:44 GMT; 18:44 CST

Important things:

1) Bars in London close at midnight on weeknights.

2) Petrol stations have fresh fruit.

Some of us slept all evening and woke up at around ten to the noise of an extensive bar argument out the window. I did not notice my hunger until about eleven and discovered rather belatedly that I've misplaced about thirty pounds. It's in my stuff somewhere, but in the interim I had to find an ATM to get more cash and then to the local kebab shop...which also closes at midnight. Hence the box of green grapes for dinner. That's alright because the bar downstairs serves breakfast at ten.

Today I walked over to Greenwich Park, which was a less than pleasant experience due to my exhaustion, but it was really pretty. I took some photos, but most of them are panoramic and I have not yet stitched them together. I didn't use a tripod or stitch assist, so I might have to redo them. I'm going back to the observatory probably tomorrow on account of the billions of schoolchildren who were impeding my progress today. The walk up to the top of the hill upon which the Observatory is built makes San Marcos look like a gently rolling plain.

I've also booked my hostel for my last four nights here and I am about to book my hostel for Brussels. I think I'll stay there for two days before starting on my Germany journey. My friend Jenny has written me back regarding getting together so I imagine that will be happening this weekend.

It feels like October; the day was pleasantly warm, and when I went walking tonight looking for food, it put me to mind of walking on the UT campus in the middle of the night in the fall. It's really quite romantic.

People in London, while polite, do not hold back when they get angry and they tend to shout at each other a lot. This morning on the Tube coming here, some men were shouting at each other for reasons still unknown to me, and this evening the people were shouting at each other for a good half hour outside the pub. Tonight when I went to the petrol station, people were shouting at the guy inside about the diesel being out, and instead of just taking it like American service type people, he shouted right back. I was proud.



Blogger Mildred said...

Sounds as though things are . . . normal? I am anxiously waiting to see pix of London.

Yea for you!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Mildred said...

Things are fine in the Valley. It will probably deluge again this p.m. but that is OK.

Dad is massively tired of the rain; I am please you are having fair weather in Jolly Ol'

1:54 PM  

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