01 November 2008


I'm not entirely sure why it annoys me so much when articles and people use the phrase "lesbian relationship" when describing the lives of people like Elizabeth Bishop or Virginia Woolf. I think it's an unnecessary modifier. If Virginia Woolf ran off with Vita Sackville-West, who is a woman, their relationship was obviously gay. Why is this difficult?

(Insert ten minutes' rumination and some tea here.)

Wait, I know why it's annoying. It's because the use of the modifier marks it as different. "Lesbian" is the modifier one would use when desiring to mark the otherness of a relationship, particularly those who think that we oughtn't be getting married.

I cannot describe how deeply it hurts to realise that a friendship I had was not true. I was patiently waiting for someone to think over her prejudice and realise that my marriage will in fact be blessed.

I did not realise that she was not thinking about it, and did not want to.

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