14 March 2009

Well, so much for being all daily and stuff...

Whatever. I had the flu.

But before that, I bought a pair of running shoes. Real running shoes. They are New Balance 769s, and I got them at the Hill Country Running Company. Get thee to there, and ask for Kim. I tried on half a dozen different shoes and she had me run on a treadmill to look at my gait.

Apparently, on my left foot I was starting my step on the outside of my foot and then collapsing my ankle inward. No wonder it hurt. So, these 769s have some supportive foam on the outside of the sole to make my foot fall flat. And Lo!

Today, I ran a mile in 12:35 (I still have to walk part of it). BUT! I ran for five minutes straight and only had to stop because I got thirsty, NOT because my legs hurt. And there was much rejoicing.

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