21 July 2007

Trip Blog. Day Three and a Half.

When we left Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear (oh, somewhere else I need to go. I had forgotten about Milne), they were very exhausted after their tramp through the Hundred Acre Wood in the rather unpleasant cold and rain.

I came back to the hostel and jumped straight onto my bed while having a conversation about the insanity of the weather with Luciana from Brazil; apparently London is worst than Texas. Turns up that she was correct. Apparently, just as soon as I went to sleep, at around one o'clock, the skies cleared and remained so for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. I discovered this when I awoke at around eight for dinner and sunlight was coming in through the window. The late evening sun was very beautiful, and I have pictures.

Tangent: Civil twilight begins here at about four in the morning and the sun rises at five and sets at nine. Compare that to our latitude where the sunrise is at half six and set is at quarter past eight. I'm imagining how miserable I would be here in the winter when there is only five hours of sunlight. Boo that.

At any rate, it turns up the pub was shorthanded and closed their kitchen prior to the advertised hour of nine o'clock, so I went up to the "second kebab shop" at the top of Charlton Church street and ordered a cheeseburger.

Someone needs to tell these people about cheeseburgers. I improved it by putting on some of my habanero salsa from my Quart Size Zip-Top Bag of Liquids or Gels(TM). The chips were good, at any rate. No more cheeseburgers while I am here. Allegedly, Belgium makes them well. We will find out. I will go on a quest for a good cheeseburger in Europe.

I and the two Bostonians I picked up (Another tangent. Every time I tell an American I am from Austin (six so far) they somehow translate it as Boston. I do not know how to enunciate the not-Boston any better) took our second-kebab-shop food back into the pub to eat and await the beginning of the karaoke. They were Lindsay and Sue, and Sue told me that Lindsay has a really good singing voice; Lindsay demurred. Well, either Lindsay just sounded really good on account of the other singers who were smashed (at nine in the evening), or she really does have a pretty brilliant voice.

While I was writing my other blog, the karaoke lost its electrics and there was no more. Unfortunate. I stayed around and had a couple of more pints of Strongbow before I grew tired of the pub (while I was there, a guy sitting at the bar told me to not go to Edinburgh as it is "rubbish;" Melbourne people said the same thing of Sydney, so I think I'll go anyway). Post-that I went and hung out in the common room hoping that some people would be available for conversation, but it was a Friday night and people have lives so it worked out. I ended up watching Star Trek on the BBC with a Japanese dude and an Australian chick till three in the morning. And then I slept, and now it is now, and I am going to have a shower.

Photeaux are at Webshots, and I will organise them better later.



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