30 December 2008


I have bought a router!

And by this, I mean a wood router, not an interweb router. This is exciting because I am about to use it to build Aud and Casi a fabulous butcher block/cabinet. With CASTERS.

The problem I am currently trying to solve is that of the center of gravity. I am manufacturing an appliance lift for Aud's soon-to-exist stand mixer. The way they work is that they swing out from underneath your counter and hang out on a ratchet. They are fabulous, but this piece of furniture is going to be freestanding and only eighteen inches deep. Stand mixer weighs 26 pounds.

Potentially problematic.

I may solve the problem by making the whole piece a few inches deeper, or by installing some manner of counterweight in the back end of it. That, of course, would just make the whole thing heavier, so I'm not too sure about that. It is more or less immaterial at this time since I still have the piece itself to build.

I am going to experiment with the router for the first bit of tomorrow, and then go on to actually build the thing. I am going to photograph my progress in an effort to streamline it for potential future building.

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Anonymous O Keys said...

U haz a router

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