06 December 2005

Twenty Degrees in December.

Ok. Not quite. But it may as well be. 102.3 keeps talking about busting out ice scrapers on Thursday morning. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this...but I have FINALS on Thursday. Finals. Yes. Which probably means I'll have to get up five hundred years earlier than I was going to in order to get there on time. I've never driven on ice.

My Russian Lit final is at eight on Thursday morning. I was going to leave at seven to get there on time (traffic, et cetera). It looks like half past six now. Great, great, great.

I was really happy with the 'unseasonably' warm weather. In fact, I think a world where it is eighty degrees year round is a brilliant idea.

Which is why I am going to move to Australia every winter after I grow up and have money. More on that later; my taco meat is burning.


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