12 June 2007

What the Hell kind of country do we live in?

"How did they manage to get that close to him? They're ruffling his hair and hugging him! We can't even ask the guy questions!"

That's another John Stewartism. And he's damn right. Bush went to Albania at the end of his European tour and received a hero's welcome. There's footage of him being hugged and squeezed and called George, and the Albanians really just think he's the shit. We have foreign people rubbing his head for good luck (hopefully not to improve their English), and we can't even get in to talk to the guy unless we are on a vetted list of people that his people know will a) agree with every damn thing he says and b) will ask him softball questions pursuant to a).

The question, of course, arises as to whether those people were actually vetted and behind them were a bunch of snarky Albanians, or perhaps just Albanians who don't care. I want to know, personally, why the Albanians think Bush is so great. What has he done that makes the Albanians like him so much? That could perhaps be the best reason for why they like him. What, exactly, has Bush done to make the residents of Albania regard him with anything other than apathy?

Well, according to the BBC, it's that his visit allegedly makes it more feasible for Albania to join the EU and NATO, and Bush supports the UN's plan for Kosovo to become independent. This could just be me, but I fail to see how Bush's support has anything at all to do with Albania's membership in the EU, given that the United States has less than nothing to do with the EU. In this same vein, it really seems to me that Albania should care more about what the other European countries think about any given subject than what we think.

But more importantly, my disgust with a president who is more available to foreign citizens on foreign soil than to the people he allegedly serves is absolute.

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