18 March 2006


I have really just had it with this realty company. I have posted an advert on Craigslist for someone to take over my lease. Hopefully I'll get some good responses and can movify myself elsewhere.

I had a lot to say on this subject before I started the post, but I seem to be drying up a bit. At any rate, that is what's happening. Even if I only find a place that's 600 a month, that's 125 extra for the next five months. Which adds up.

I'm just tired of the excess room and the feeling that I'm camping.


Blogger Breca Halley said...

Feel free to encroach on my blog anytime. And thanks again for picking us up. :) And actually, you know the certain someone. He's not someone you think highly of. Deanna or I can give your details sometime. \:S

12:18 AM  

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