03 January 2006


A couple of days late. Oh well.

1) Fifteen pounds. End of February. Gone. The End. It irritates me that Sheryl Crow is my mother's age and has a better body than me. Shallow? Yes. Too bad. I'm twenty-two years old, and it's ridiculous for AARP members to be outrunning me on the Town Lake trail.

2) I'm going to be kinder to people. I'm terrible about that and highly inconsistent. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it; I think it will take some fundamental change, but I'm not sure what precisely it is that makes me unable to 'be sweet' as it were. So I guess I'll spend a lot of time pinning that down first.

3) I spend too much money on myself and so I'm going to stop that.

4) As part of 3), I am not going to buy more than ten books this year. Excluding school books.

5) I am going to read at least two books that I have not yet read every month.

6) I'm going to start sleeping like a normal person. Like...I'm going to get up every morning by eight. No matter what.

7) I will try harder to love unselfishly. That's a difficult one.

8) I will write, creatively, or at least semi-creatively, every day.

9) I will not be afraid. Also difficult.

The End. So far.


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