21 July 2007

Trip Blog. Day Four.

OMG Harry Potter! No, I did not go queue with all of the crazy people, but today when I went into town, I found a Waterstone's (Barnes and Nobleish) at Trafalgar Square. So I am now the owner of ALL seven Harry Potter books, adult UK edition. Six of them will be shipped to the United States on Monday, to get there by Friday (which I find ridiculous on account of that's now long it takes for mail to get from Baytown to Austin). The seventh I have with me. I'm on chapter two.

I have found my new hostel and these people are brilliant. At this hostel the bar is actually part of the hostel and is mostly inhabited by hostel people. It is really quite excellent. I liked the Antigallican a lot, but this one is in Zone Two and the people are more lively, and there's a ton of people in the bar all the time. It is slightly more expensive, but the fact that it is in Zone Two makes up for the expense because now it's not three dollars each way to get to Greenwich Station, which has been the last two days. Also, apparently HostelWorld was lying when they said that this one is booked up after tomorrow, so I am going to see if I can hook up with a room for the rest of the time I'm here instead of moving again.

I am liking it a lot better here; I think a lot of it has to do with actually sleeping in the night for once. Also, while I was in Westminster earlier, I had lunch at a very crowded pub, and this couple (fifties? I think they were older than that) came and asked if they could sit with me since I was alone and I ended up talking to them for a bit and that was nice.

It started out bright and pretty, and then RAINED and then stopped and now it is bright and pretty again. The weather is schizophrenic. I hope I can stay here the whole of the week, and I also hope that the Interweb gets fixed so that I can actually post this at some point in the near future.



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