02 August 2007

Trip Blog. Day Fifteen. Important Conclusion Edition.

I have come to a very important conclusion. And that conclusion is that my German is entirely too perfunctory to function in this country any longer. I know people who only speak English hang around here all the time. I know this, however, my complete lack of German will make me unable to function in Wittenberg, on account of the Luther museum is entirely in German.

Well, crap. So, the back up plan is thus: I am going back to the UK tomorrow and will go on a grand tour of Scotland and Wales, and while I am in Scotland I will investigate tensions between the Presbyterians, the Anglicans and the Catholics, thus still involving myself with religious studies and still having something to go on for my paper this fall. There's more to it than that, but the thought has not coalesced enough to really elaborate.

NEXT summer, when I have learned considerably more German (so I can actually function), I shall investigate Wittenberg (which will make more sense at that time because of grad school &c). I am a bit disappointed, but I am really not prepared to limp through Germany only speaking English at this time. Because I am a big chicken.

So, I am going to change my EasyJet ticket to depart from the Cologne/Bonn airport tomorrow, and I will likely be staying at The Bird's Nest in Deptford again. After that, I'll figure out what's what with going to Scotland/Wales and all.

I just really do not have the emotional/mental/physical what have you to do the stranger in a strange land routine anymore, and there's a lot more to Britain than London.

And then I'll learn German.



Anonymous Ferrari said...

Sorry to hear that, love. Hopefully Scotland will fill the void for you. It is nice, though, that you can be this flexible on your trip.

10:41 AM  

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