31 July 2007

Trip Blog. Day Thirteen. Is it Tuesday?

Oh, yes it is. Look at that.

This morning I got up, packed, and set off on my Epic Journey. After going in almost-circles in Maastricht for a while, I finally found WAYOUT and headed east. Things were going well; there were a few missteps along the way (I finally learned, after two major ones, that I should just keep heading east no matter what). I stopped in Heerlen for some lunch and continued on the Epic Journey.

There was one point where I was riding along, making really good speed on a downhill, when WHOOSH! This guy that could have been Yoda's grandfather hauls some serious butt past me on Yoda's Grandfather's Schwinn. Yoda's grandfather had some seriously white hair, and was wearing a Mister Roger's sweater, unzipped, which was whipping in the wind as he rode along. I felt pathetic.

About fifty feet past the border, I heard a horrific CruPOP! from the vicinity of my right knee. Yeah, my right knee, which I have been babying along for YEARS in hopes that it would not die on me, totally bit it. Yeah. I did manage to make it to Alsdorf (and took pictures), but I hopped on the train to Cologne from there. I am now ensconced in my hostel and plan to stay here two extra days to a) recover, b) have dinner with my cousin, and c) figure out what to do with my bike.

I think this is a good picture of my situation:

I sort of want to keep it. It's a good bike, and I've sort of gotten attached to it. I think I am going to see how much it would cost to ship it home. I'm not sure I want to schlep it around Germany with me to bring it home.

However, since I am now doing the train thing, I will probably go to Wittenberg this weekend, and then on to Berlin. EasyJet lets me change my flight plans up to two hours prior to the flight, so I will fly back to London early, and then I want to go to Cardiff. Flying back to London early == I can leave the bike at the hotel in which I am staying near Gatwick (I doubt anyone will molest it at a Holiday Inn) while I go to Cardiff, and then I'll just pay the twenty pounds to bring it home on my flight.

Yes, that sounds like a plan.

I -am- going to send home my camping equip, though. If my knee is dead, I do not want to schlep that round at all.

I am now tired, and will post more when I think of what it is.



Anonymous elise said...

that is an AWESOME photo there. poor kitten.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Ferrari said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, love :-(. I'm looking at a torn meniscus on mine, most likely, which isn't too bad. Here's hoping yours is equally manageable in the long term.

5:20 PM  

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