28 July 2007

Trip Blog. What is this, anyway? Day Eleven?

14:39 Belgian whatever time; 7:39 CST

The short version of this post is: Brussels...doesn't suck as much as it did yesterday.

In fact, today it is quite nice. As long as you are above ground. Whitney Drew, I do not EVER want to hear you on about the DC Metro again. There will be an explanation why in a post later, because

My hostel lied and does NOT have the Interweb. And the barman was a bit flippant and told me I'm on vacation; who needs the Interweb? Well, -I- do because I need to make reservations for Koln, find a bike shop, and tell my mother I'm not dead (Mom, I'm not dead. Yet). Fortunately, the Brussels train stations have hotspots, that are hideously expensive, and there's no plugs, so I am limited to my battery life and my willingness to look like I'm waiting for a train.

On the subject of trains, I am taking one to Maastricht on account of the bike shops in Brussels are in the boonies, and the bike shop in Maastricht is about a ping pong ball's throw from my hostel. Also, allegedly, they will have plugs and Interwebs at the Maastricht hostel.

Two of the girls in my hostel room are very nice; one, Marah, is from Brasil, but lived in Memphis of all places and now lives in London, and the other, Luisa, is Italian and I'm afraid I've freaked her out badly with my mangling of the English language; she thinks it's her.

Anyway, I'll update better tomorrow from Maastricht.



Anonymous Sarah said...

So I don't have anything constructive to say, other than yay for Belgium. Oh, and you're not dead. Yet. Just kidding. Good luck on the bike thing!

3:12 AM  

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