24 July 2007

Trip Blog. Day Six. Belated.

I was absolutely exhausted last night when I rolled back into the hostel at about ten or so. Yesterday was cold, windy and raining, but that did not keep me from venturing into town to look at the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the Monument to the fire of doom in 1666. I also saw a maritime memorial for WWI and WWII. What else happened to me...? At about five or so, I got tired of Freezing and set off for a pair of pants. This quest, combined with rush hour on the tube, caused me to be about fifteen minutes late meeting Kez, but meet her I did and we spent about three hours in a pub drinking, eating dinner and talking about everything. I had not seen her in four years.

I also hit upon the perfect solution to the problem of my camera battery passing out. I have an extra, but the first did not last as long as I had hoped. However, all I have to do is find a charger at a Canon store here; then the adapter will work for Europe as well since Britain and Europe both have the same voltage. Brilliant! And saves me the trouble of carrying around a stupid, heavy, giant converter. Hooray!

I found shaving cream and Listerine yesterday at Charing Cross, so my life is considerably improved. The local pharmacies in Deptford do not have a lot of selection, and apparently women do not really use shaving cream here because all I could find was boy Gillette shaving cream, so now I'm going to smell like man all the time, but I suppose it is better than looking like one.

Kez told me that the way around the one-hand-luggage rule on British Airways is to buy these really lightweight bags that fold up on themselves in the airport and then you stuff both of your bags into the one. So, like the Quart Size Zip-Top Bag of Liquids or Gels(TM) law, it appears to be a good way for someone to make more money off of me.

I am ok, Mom; I was just tired last night so I did not blog.



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