10 August 2007

Trip Blog. Day Twenty-three.

According to my timeanddate.com Customised Counter (TM) there are seven thousand, two hundred fourteen minutes until I get off the plane in Austin.

But I'm not counting or anything.

I am now in the place of Cardiff, which I find extremely pleasant except that it gets cold by about four in the afternoon. I really do miss my nice warm Texas. There is a two thousand year old castle right here which I plan to visit on the morrow. I find it vaguely (not vaguely) upsetting that there is a Burger King right across from it.

Bath was really, really pretty, and I am still considering whether or not to hang around there Monday night and just go back to London on Tuesday. I was not a huge fan of my hostel's kitchen there (dull knives make me want to stab people. Oh, the irony), but Bath was really really great-looking, and I didn't get to do anything because I was so tired. I have photos from my trip to the grocery and back, though.

Today I bought Master and Commander at WH Smith's, since I've been planning to read those books for years...

I think that's all I've got for the moment. It's been a good and enlightening trip, but I am very ready to come home, and have plans to drug myself for the flight. Huzzah!



Blogger Rebecca (becs) said...

Your trip sounds like it has been cool (and insane at times too). But we shall also be happy when you are back. :D

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Ferrari said...

Oh Becs is just saying that cause she covers Idgie ;-).

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Ferrari said...

covets...I meant to type covets

1:06 PM  

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