27 May 2008


I want a MacBook Air. Sort of.

I still don't want a Mac. Yes, they are lovely, solid, beautiful machines. Absolutely. But just how damn hard is it to put a right mouse button on your computer? And no, control-click is not an acceptable alternative. Also, the minimize/restore/close buttons are backwards. And yes, interface is a big deal to me.

Granted, I could easily run Linux on an Air and I am willing to bet that the gesture pad supports something akin to a right click. In fact, I will go look now. ... ... ... ... Ah, yes, ok. Right-click equivalent for the win.

The thing is, Leopard really is pretty. I like the Dock. But with RocketDock (which really does need a Linux version), I can get the same effect, including stacking. I like the solid-state hard drive. I like that it is all-aluminum. And I like that it is three pounds.

I wish there was some way to find out where it is manufactured; I suspect they are made in China, which is not acceptable. I just found out from one of my friends who works for Dell that all of the computers bought by the federal government are manufactured HERE with components made HERE and not in China. For me, that is a lot of win, because I really am trying to put my money where my mouth is about buying as local as possible. There is a reason my flipflops have been mummified in electrical tape -- all of those sold at Target were made. in. China.

What was I saying? Oh, the Air also has a BackLit Keyboard. How freakin long did that idea take? I've been wanting a backlit keyboard on my laptop since the dawn of time. Or at least the dawn of me owning a laptop. And the solid state hard drive? Win.

I do not understand the lack of an SD card slot, which saddens me because I use those and external hard drives for all of my storage. That was the major selling point of my current laptop (well, that, the price, and the fact that it was 8:45 at night at a Best Buy which closed at Nine with a term paper due the next day and a dead laptop at home. A dead laptop which may yet be resurrected once I get it back from James). I suppose I could use a USB-to-SD adapter, but that seems sort of unnecessary.

At any rate, when I have the cash and the inclination, and this computer bites the dust, I will probably get a second-generation Air, knowing full well that I can run XP on it (as much as I hate Microsoft, I still find XP comforting in its familiarity, and will be sticking with it until such time as I a) learn enough about Linux to find it more useful, b) Ubuntu gets to the point where it will connect to WPA-encrypted networks, and c) RocketDock exists for it.) and assuming that the price for the solid-state drive comes down from the thousand bucks it is at currently.

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