23 August 2007

Something Random.

I have returned from the land of the Great White North (last Wednesday), have fully recovered, eaten Mexican food, had margaritas, moved Amber from the Other Great White North, and school is starting. Has started.

Soon, I shall be back to my regularly scheduled programming. In fact, I have a post about the relationship between Atheists, atheists, general nonbelievers, and Christians in the works (and yes, there really are four major categories there, to be broken down further). In the interim, I have Hebrew Scriptures in an hour and a half, then the stupid communicating class (I really think it's going to be speech. Why don't they just call it speech? And why can't I be exempt?), and THEN I have Anglo-Saxon Literature.



Anonymous Ferrari said...

Wait, when did you go to Canada?

4:59 PM  

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