24 December 2005

Why Dating is Annoying.

Well, no blog post could be long enough to cover that. Let's just say, I haven't been on a date in a really long time that left me this cold. In fact, the last one was with a guy. Even on my last date, where sadly, the woman I was with wasn't interested, was it this bad.

Nothing. In common. To talk about. Happened. First, apparently the theater randomly decided to close (fair enough; it's Dobie and most of the students are gone, but they should have said something) so we're walking around downtown and talking.

Correction: we're walking around downtown and I am talking. She said, "I'm not much of a talker," which is definitely true. At least mine and Audrey's awkward silences were broken by one of us (usually her) making a crude joke or a random observance about the political state of the world (usually me)...Aud, my friend, if I annoyed you this much, I apologise. But I don't think I did since we are, in fact, friends.

I'm not even absolutely certain how to describe the extremity with which I am annoyed at this date. For a start, I'm annoyed that I didn't like it. I'm annoyed that I was not attracted to her. But I'm not sure if I'm annoyed because I'm too picky. The run down:

1) Doesn't. Say. Anything. Maybe she's shy. Except, that in my car at the very last minute when I was dropping her off, she talked more than she had the entire time, and I could tell that she was hanging around in an attempt to kiss me.

2) I'm not feeling the cigar smoking, which she did not actually do on our jaunt around downtown. But really, no.

3) I think I'm also annoyed that when we were discussing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (the movie), that rather than comparing it to the book, she was, in fact, comparing it to the cartoon, having not read the book. That really irritated me. I'm a snob.

4) I just discovered this one. Y'all may or may not know that I'm really self-conscious about my voice. And I think that the reason is because someone's voice is apparently a big deal to me. I didn't realise that till tonight. Why? Because my date's voice...was rather grating to my ears. So maybe it's a good thing that she didn't talk a lot.

5) I am almost certain that she just wanted to hook up. This in itself does not offend me, except that before I hook up, I'd like to have a compelling reason to do so. There really weren't any.

I hope to God that I am not this bad of a date. Because if I am, I'm screwed and I think I understand why I haven't had anyone want to date me in a really really really long time. That's a girl, anyway. And that's why I feel really terrible is because I'm always the one to be ditched and now I'm being a ditchee.

But I also don't think she had anything really emotionally invested in this, so maybe it's ok.

A conversation I had with Deanna last night is making me think, though...but that's another entry.

I think I'll try again with this girl...go see the movie...she goes in her own car, et cetera. Everyone deserves a second chance. And I really want to see the movie, and probably no one would go with me. So I'll have a go.


Blogger Citizen said...

I had meant to comment on this back when you first posted it, but it escaped my mind until now. I think you should give her a second chance. While first impressions are important, some people take more than one date to open up. Also, first dates are often awkward things, full of nerves, trepidation, and uncertainty. If the second date goes as the first, then you've got good evidence that it's not going to work. If it's wildly different, though, you may be happy you gave her a second chance.

2:10 PM  
Blogger smottical said...

Aye, dating does suck... but it has its good moments too. Sadly, this one sounds like it was a bit short on the latter. It is true though, sometimes things that start in an awkward or bad manner can evolve into something interesting and good, and sometimes things that start well can fizzle out very quickly. It's too bad that people are programmed for partnership... it sure takes a lot of patience to get there.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Deanna said...

Hee hee, I so agree with Citizen on this one! I went on many a first date that, while not miserable, was not as electrically charged as I had hoped.

One more time won't hurt. If you are still thinking mainly about her voice, the cigars, her inability to hold up her end of a converstation...well, then let it go.

1:48 PM  

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