14 August 2007

Trip Blog. Day Twenty-EIGHT


Because it is ten to five in the morning. I'll be leaving The Bird's Nest in about an hour...getting something to drink at Victoria Station, retrieving my bike from the South Terminal, taking the tram to the North Terminal, checking the bike, checking my pannier, wandering off to find breakfast after security, buying NyQuil from Boots, taking a dose and a half right before I board, and passing the heck out, hopefully, until I get to Houston.

Also...five o'clock in the morning conversation:

Amber: they keep buying up the competition
[friend]'s store used to be an EB Games
me: Which used to be Electronics Boutique, which used to be Babbage's.
Amber: exactly
me: I think Babbage's is a better name.
But I am a fan of the Difference Engine.
so that could just be me.
Amber: but not as obvious what they're selling
me: Babbage == electronics.
Amber: not a connection I make
me: Charles Babbage built the Difference Engine, which was the first calculator ever and the precursor to all modern electronics.
Amber: ahhh
me: Somebody clearly did not watch 321 Contact.
Amber: um...
me: saddical
PBS shows back when they were good...
Amber: ahhh... the good ole' days of 80s era PBS...
me: indeed
Amber: even if I did watch it, I'm not sure I would remember that particular fact
me: I absorb random things.
Sort of like Choo Choo Bear.
Amber: and just like Choo Choo, you spit them back up at the most interesting times [wink]
me: Just another service I offer.
Amber: you are a woman of many talents



Anonymous Ferrari said...

Wait...Babbage's sold electronic stuff? I thought they sold cole slaw?

Oh wait...Babbage's...nevermind.

12:52 PM  

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