12 August 2007

Trip Blog. Day Twenty-five.

I am staying in Cardiff until Tuesday now. I find this hostel exceedingly pleasant despite the fact that there is no room key...the people running it are nice and the kitchen is good and everything is clean. Being as I was not particularly impressed with the hostel in Bath, this looks like a plan. Tomorrow I'm taking a day trip to the west coast and might jump over to Ireland or something.

I've canceled my hotel reservation for the fourteenth down at Gatwick...upon reading reviews of it, it seems that I will catch some form of disease if I stay there. I do not care to be diseased. Also, apparently their airport shuttle is not terribly reliable.

So, I'm spending Tuesday night in Deptford and I'll just get up early (I might just stay up all night. That will help with sleeping on the plane). I am enjoying Cardiff; it is very sunny and pleasant, if a bit chilly after about four in the afternoon.

I am really quite ready to be home.



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